The Team's 1000th & 1001st Appearances

Then and Now ... Photo taken at show #2 (1976) and #1000 (2007)

Team appearance # 1 was at a coffeehouse we used to run at Adams Square Baptist Church in Worcester, MA, in July 1976. 31+ years and exactly 1,000 appearances later, on November 16, 2007, Team appearance # 1001 took place on the same rec hall floor as show #1. (The building hasn't changed much in 31 years!) I was just a 22 year old Gordon College student then, and Team music consisted of Mark, Janet, and Lori banging out "Aleluia" and our other mostly original songs on their guitars. For the 2007 version, we invited the band Canon (below, left) and vocalist Dana (right), each of which have ministered with The Team on occasion.

Here's Steph modeling my vintage 1976 Team jersey. I'd be wearing it myself ... but over the years my jersey has somehow mysteriously gotten smaller ... (LOL!!) Wendy (#4, from 1981-83, see section 35) came by to visit - that was great! My brother Stu (#10, 1976-79) sent along this note:

Our 1970's jerseys ... cast in blue, crew in white. Stu eating a sandwich before a 1979 show.

I was running the lights that night. The room apparently had only one electrical circuit. With all the cavorting around, we managed to shake loose a fuse, and the whole place went dark! It was quickly located, and tightened. The lights came back on and the rest is History!

This has been a "Team Moment", brought to you by the makers of "Uncle Gunkle" Root Beer! Look for it in the hardware aisle, next to the rust remover.

The "original" #10,

Appearances # 999 & 1000 were performed for a Christian school (afternoon) and church (evening) in Westfield, MA. Sam (#83) is a student at the school, and his mother Pattie (#4) is on staff. Also joining us that day and evening were students Peyton (#14) and Sarah (#19). Several other students and adults participated as well. The Westfield shows were very well attended, and there was an excellent response, making number 1,000 a night to remember.

This day also marked Team Director Vin's 700th show*. Assistant Directors Nancy (#41) and Steph (#7) made sure this was not overlooked. Former A.D. and lead actress Robbin (#29, 1989-94) came by to visit, making # 1000 all the more special.

Vin, #11

Director, Team Ministries

"You'll Be Dead" in Westfield (# 1000)

* The Team counts both full shows, which as of November 2007 stood at 704, as well as total appearances, of which there have been 1,001 from 1976 through 2007. An "appearance" is any public ministry activity by The Team, for instance, a sketch or small handful of sketches at a Sunday morning service, or talking with a youth group. The Director has worked at 702 of The Team's 704 full shows.

"Help Us" at Adams Sq. Baptist Church (# 1001)

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