Performing or recreating, The Team always enjoys visiting Christian camps.

The Christian Camp Team

Some things just go together well.

And always have. The Team and Christian camps. Especially during Teen Week. Especially with our newest production "Cheerleading is Har-r-d!"

Camping involves breaking out of one's routine. Perhaps being open to new ideas. Maybe being more open to God.

The Team is entertaining, but it's not empty entertainment. We leave teens with a lot to think about. Life issues. Important choices.

The Team is flexible, easy to work with, and affordable for your camp. Be sure to check out what's available, then give us a call with your questions. (508) 764-6161. Or write.

For a listing of Christian camps where we've performed, click here.

(We were off between 1994 and 2003, thus no camp listings. We're currently preparing material to minister at many camps this summer.)