"Someday you're going to hear God calling you to do something too, and you'll understand." Kerrie, to her friend.

(Left) Ali slams Paige's Christian faith; (right) Esther tries to interest her friend Liz in cutting class to smoke weed.

One life affects another, for good or for evil. A chain is not easily broken. A chain reaction set in motion cannot be contained. What we pass on will be passed along. Mother to daughter, friend to friend, stranger to stranger. Lives will be changed tonight, by the mercy of God and the faithfulness of His people.

Kerrie has a problem. Even as a young teenage Christian, she knows her purpose. She has been called by God to minister to her friend Ainsley. Problem is, Ainsley is from a troubled home, to put it mildly, and hanging around with her puts Kerrie in bad company.

Kerrie's mother Jayne has a problem too. If she allows her daughter to hang out with Ainsley, she must confront every parent's legitimate fear - despite Kerrie's good intentions, just who will be influencing whom? On the other hand, if Jayne forbids her, then the message to Kerrie is clear - "Forget everything the church or I have ever taught you about following God's calling; instead, play it safe, and just hang out with the good kids." Think you know the right course for Jayne and Kerrie? Not so fast. You haven't met Ainsley. And you certainly haven't met her mother.