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Hi. My name is Kerrie. I'm 15 years old. It's September, and I'm starting my junior year at Parkview High School. I live with my dad and his wife. My mother left home when I was six, and I've not seen her since. I hardly remember her face now. A couple years ago, when I asked my father why she had left, he replied, "Your mother wanted something else." I still don't know what he meant by that. Recently I asked Jackie - she's my step-mom - what he meant by it. Jackie said she was living in Minnesota with another man, though they were not married. She also said I should pray for my mother. I asked her whose fault it was my parents couldn't work things out. Was it because of me? "Hardly," she replied. "You were and still are a total sweetheart. It was a little of each of their faults," she said. "Sometimes we start out with the best of intentions, but selfishness, immaturity, and unforgiveness take a toll until the person we once loved has become the enemy."

Courtney, Kerrie's very blonde cheerleader friend:

So anyway, Kerrie, it's nothing personal. When the squad found out you're on drugs, Amanda suggested we have an intervention. But with Prom coming, I'm not sure I have the money to get my hair done for an intervention. And what exactly does one wear? Any-hoo, when Autumn told us you're, like, selling drugs too, well, we just can't risk that kind of rep. You know what I mean? The cheer squad represents everything that's good and noble about Parkview ... and we have our college resumes to consider. Appearances are, like, everything, you know ... Anyway, good luck with the drug biz. Did I mention Kelly got early acceptance at Yale? Always remember, Kerrie, "Parkview, Parkview, we cheer you!" ... Try not to OD. The squad would be, like, totally devastated.

Kerrie and Jackie, her step-mom:

Jackie: Kerrie ... We need to talk.

Kerrie: What's the matter?

Jackie: You know yesterday, when I accidentally came into the bathroom on you?

Kerrie: It's okay.

Jackie: No, actually, it's not. Kerrie ... Can I see your arms?

Kerrie: Why?

Jackie: Please roll up your sleeves.

Kerrie: Come on.

Jackie: You can do this with me, or I can get your father.

Kerrie: [she reluctantly rolls up her sleeves to reveal cutting marks] That ... Courtney's cat did that.

Jackie: You're cutting.

Kerrie: No, I'm not.

Jackie: Kerrie ...

Kerrie and Paris, the friend who earlier had introduced her to weed and meth:

Kerrie: If you want to screw up your life, it's your business. But I really do care about you, Paris.

Paris: I'm so sick of listening to your "Jesus Loves You" garbage. I'm outta here. Just don't come asking for any favors later. You do what your Jesus says. I do what I feel like.

Kerrie: I tried doing what I felt like, and I ended up really screwed up. In my life I feel a lot of things. Now I'm trying to do what's right.

Kerrie and Courtney, after a visit with a pregnant teenage friend.

Kerrie: So Heather keeping the baby?

Courtney: Her parents want her to give it up for adoption. Of course, they also wanted her to have an abortion ... but you didn't hear that from me.

Kerrie: I could never do that. It's against my Christian faith.

Courtney: Even if it meant, like, missing Prom?

Kerrie: Of course, I'd never get pregnant.

Courtney: Accidents happen.

Kerrie: What do you mean, "accidents happen?"

Courtney: I missed my period last week. Like I told you, I'm totally regular.

Kerrie and Scott, a friend from school and youth group:

Scott: Good to see you in youth group tonight. Missed ya.

Kerrie: Yeah.

Scott: This gonna be a regular thing?

Kerrie: I dunno. Maybe. Right now I'm grounded, and it's about the only thing I can get out of the house for.

Scott: Everything okay?

Kerrie: You wouldn't understand.

Scott: You might be surprised.

Kerrie: I kinda got in trouble.

Scott: I heard. Cutting classes.

Kerrie: That was only part of it. My parents busted me for drugs.

Scott: Yeah. That's what someone said.

Kerrie: And what they still don't know is I was dealing too.

Scott: Okay.

Kerrie: So I guess once you tell the new youth pastor, I'll get kicked out of youth group.

Scott: Do you want that?

Kerrie: No. I really want to come here, and maybe try and get my Christian life back.

Scott: So you're not gonna sell any drugs, or anything like that?

Kerrie: I'm done with that. It's for losers ... Only problem, everyone hates me.

Scott: I don't hate you.

Kerrie: My friends on the squad won't talk to me. They want me out. My father doesn't trust me ... and it's my fault - I screwed up. My grades are in the toilet -

Scott: We all screw up. God is able to forgive you. Have you asked Him?