Some of you recently received this invitation. I'm posting it here in case we missed you. "The Team" has material for both adult and teen audiences, and is available to Christian coffeehouses in the Northeast U.S.

Dear Christian coffeehouse director,

Hi. My name is Steph. I'm 21, a youth ministries student, and I'm also assistant director of Team Ministries. I've been acting in The Team's drama and comedy for a year now, and I love it!

It's me! .......................... Broken Seal

We have an awesome new drama story line and comedy sketches for 2006. Our new production is excellent for Christian coffeehouse audiences of all ages. Curtis (a U.Conn. student and Team member) and I have been working with the director to write our new material, which is biblically based and nondenominational, as we play for many different kinds of groups.

We also sometimes feature our Christian band Broken Seal (by request, subject to availability). Broken Seal also performs and ministers on its own. Contemporary Christian music, quality drama, and comedy can be a very effective combination and change-of-pace in a coffeehouse ministry.

Team Ministries would love to come to your Christian coffeehouse. We'll do everything possible to flex to meet your needs, and work within your means. If you're interested in considering us in 2006, please check out our web site, then e-mail us, or call (508) 764-6161 or (800) TEAM MINistries. We look forward to serving you!

In His grip,