The Audience Speaks

Quotes are from comment / decision cards.

"I feel that your group did an exceptional job on your performance. It explains everything that we teenagers go through." (Waldoboro, ME)

"It hit home. Congratulations." (Marlboro, MA)

"It was an excellent production, and it really made me think about my walk with Christ." (age 16, Pocasset, MA)

"My three children were here, and I am thankful to the Lord for the way you related to them." (Franklin, MA)

"Just what my youth group needed to hear." (Wareham, MA)

"I am totally impressed with this ministry. You are upbeat, very funny, and drive straight to the heart." (Barre, MA)

"A powerful slice of life. I want to go deeper in trust, avoiding compromise." (Ashland, MA)

"This really made me think. I am sure it affected others the same way. I am going to try to find my way back." (age 16, East Baldwin, ME)

"A wonderful, important, honest ministry!" (Princeton, MA)

"Thanks so much for truths driven home to the heart. Appreciated your wacky sense of humor - my sides ache!!" (West Buxton, ME)

"The play is super and tonight I really asked the Lord into my heart. I mean I am a Christian, but like a sheep I've strayed." (age 16, South Portland, ME)

"We enjoyed your performance. We are interested in knowing when you'll be in our area again, and hope to persuade our two teenagers to attend with us." (Barre, MA)

"I'm glad you came tonight, not only because you had an awesome play, but because you helped me make a decision to witness to someone I am afraid of a lot." (North Berwick, ME)

"I've been there. I appreciated many things in 'The Team,' especially your vivid depiction of the consequences of a relationship not based on a shared faith in Jesus." (Winchendon, MA)

"The presentation tonight was more than excellent. Everything was so much like what is really going on in the world. I was a part of it, so I could relate very well." (Fairhaven, MA)

"I enjoyed the dramatic scenes, because they were realistic. It could be compared with my own life and feelings." (age 15, Springfield, MA)

"The 'no compromise' message was great." (Wareham, MA)

"My heart was pieced to the core. I came here to rekindle my relationship with Christ. You helped me realize how He has saved me, and how high He will take me, if I take His hand." (Malden, MA)

"I saw your play last year and never thought anything of it, but this year it meant a lot to me. Last year I was a lot like the Robin character, so I didn't want to listen. Watching the play again really, really helped me!" (age 17, Woodstock, NH)

"The different problems addressed are very current, and our young people needed to hear that there are solutions." (Woodstock, NH)

"I really enjoyed this show. The masks were stripped away from a lot of really 'cool' kids. The message truly hit home." (Belfast, ME)

"I'd like to say thanks, because I really didn't think He was there anymore, but you showed me He really is." (age 13, Woodstock, NH)

"Seeing 'The Team' a second time showed me things that I missed before." (Rockland, ME)

"I've been a Christian for 10 years, but I could still relate to the cry in the heart of the two women - the backslider and the one who converted. I came close to tears - their characterizations were so real." (Woodstock, NH)

"It really made me think about where my life is headed." (Haverhill, MA)

These quotes are from comment/decision cards. Here we are in '85 trying to keep track of it all.