Dan & Kathryn's Family Photos

Dan and Kathryn (a.k.a. Katie) met in The Team during their years in the ministry in the early '80's. Dan ran lights. Katie acted and sang. They returned to perform in the 1989 reunion show, and Kathryn and her daughters sang at the 2004 reunion (lower right photo). The first four photos are from 1982. A note from Dan and Katie is below.

Dear Team Family:

Hi! Dan and I thoroughly enjoyed the reunion with all of you on Saturday, January 31st

in Uxbridge! How WONDERFUL to see everyone! I felt like I was getting together with

family and of course the Word says we ARE family, being one in Christ! Our girls, Leah

(16) and Melissa (14), thought it was a blast, also. Leah's boyfriend, a sweet Christian

young man (Tom), who is a recent convert, was deeply impressed with the love he felt

flowing from everyone that night. This glorifies the Lord! Praise our wonderful Savior!

Here are some photos I'd like to share with everyone of our family. Enjoy.

Please stay in touch. Blessings to all, Katie and Dan Boisvert

Melissa is on the left, Leah on the right.