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"The Team" Now (2006) *

Kerrie has made some mistakes in her life. Now this 16 year old wants to try it God's way. The Team presents a new dramatic story line for 2006 ("Cheerleading is Har-r-d!"), many new comedy sketches, and our band "Broken Seal."

"The Team" (1976 -79) - the early days

A mix of comedy, music, and a dramatic story line - all original.

"The Team" (1980 -91) - the stuff of legend (gallery 1) *
"The Team" (1980 -91) - the stuff of legend (gallery 2) *
"The Team" (1980 -91) - the stuff of legend (gallery 3) *
"Julie" (1990 -93)

Julie is that one in a hundred teen totally committed to living for Christ and making a difference ... but it isn't always easy ... with a family, two inseparable best friends, a boyfriend, and a girl at school who really, really doesn't like her.

"A Thousand Pieces" (1992-93)

Two sisters, one quite conservative and the other extremely permissive, move in together, along with their children. Can you say dys-func-tion-al?

"Coming Out of the Dark" (aka SummerTeam '92)

In the summer of '92 we tried something a little different. Our drama missions team comprised of several regular Team members and mostly summer interns toured the Southeast U.S. and also performed in New England.

"The Commitment" (1993)

The theme of this show was ... you guessed it ... commitment. God's to us ... ours as believers to Him. "The Commitment" marked a return to the comedy / drama mix that worked so well for "The Team."

"Briar Crest Days" (1993)

Four senior high girls at an exclusive private school have well-earned reputations as hellraisers ... until one of them takes a different direction. The question is - will she have the courage to take a stand with her friends? ("Briar Crest Days" was set in 1979, with a couple flash forwards to the girls' lives 15 years later.)

"Chain of Redemption" (2004 - 05) *

One life affects another, for good or for evil. A chain is not easily broken. A chain reaction set in motion cannot be contained. Mother to daughter, friend to friend, stranger to stranger.

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Team Ministries Reunion (2006)
Team Ministries Reunion (2004)
Team Reunion Scrapbook (2004)