Meet The Team for 2007!

Link to the new Team Ministries site.

Let's meet a few members of our 2007 Team. Some are returning favorites from the early '90's.

41 Nancy and 98 Greg

Nancy (1990-94) and Greg (1988-94) served in The Team some 15 years ago, and returned in 2005 for another stint. Greg runs lights. Nancy acts and is an assistant director. Nancy also co-directs The Team's Spirit Walk ministry. Their c. 1990 photos are on the right. Each has done far more than 100 shows, and their jersey numbers were retired by The Team.

10 Erica

Nancy's daughter Erica was a very young teen when previously on The Team in 1992-93 (right). Here's that Team jersey 14 years later.

31 Sharon

Sharon was in The Team in 1992-94 (photo, 2nd from right), and returned in 2005. Sharon also co-directs the Spirit Walk ministry. She plays a number of characters, including Courtney, Kerrie's very blonde friend from the cheer squad (photo, far right).

7 Steph

Steph joined The Team in February 2005. She plays "Kerrie," the dramatic lead in the new production "Cheerleading is Har-r-d!" (center photo) Asst. Team director Steph did most of the work on the new Team website.

26 Stan

Stan started with The Team as the drummer for Broken Seal in the fall of 2005. He has since branched out into comedy, and may also sometimes be found at the sound board.