Use non-stick electric pancake griddle with a little vegetable oil for best results.

2 cups okonomiyaki flour (regular flour, potato starch, sugar, salt, baking powder, and katsuo-dashi, konbu, and saba flavorings - best bought pre-mixed)

3 eggs

4 cups coarsely shredded cabbage

about 1 cup medium shrimp, pre-cooked or raw

about 8 oz. thinly sliced pork cutlet, raw, cut into strips

about 1 oz. red gari (pickled ginger)

okonomiyaki sauce (bottled)

Mix 2 cups okonomiyaki flour, 1 cup refrigerated water, and 3 eggs. Mix until consistent batter. Mix in shrimp, cabbage and pickled ginger. (Don't add the pork.) Set aside for a moment. After oiled pancake griddle is hot (about 350 F, or a little hotter than for pancakes), grill the pork slices. Immediately after turning the pork slices to the other side, stir your mix once and pour it onto the griddle on top of the sizzling pork. Aim to make a six inch round pancake shape. When underside is done (about 5 minutes) turn it with a pair of spatulas or omelette-size flipper. Cook about 5 minutes more. Turn again so pork is on the bottom, if that matters. Add okonomiyaki sauce. Japanese often also top with mayonnaise, but you've had enough calories, right? Turn griddle off. Cut on the griddle or serving plate and serve. Eat immediately.