The Spirit Walk

For those unfamiliar with this ministry, the Spirit Walk is a Christian alternative to a Halloween Haunted Mansion. One weekend in late October each year since 1987, between 200 and 600 people visit the Spirit Walk, and a number of commitments to Christ result. Thirteen such commitments were reported this year. A fresh original script is written annually, as a creaky old colonial building located in Leicester, Massachusetts is converted into an entertaining evangelistic experience, free of charge to the public. About three dozen central Massachusetts believers comprise the cast and crew, including many Team alums and their families. New Englanders who wish to participate or attend next year may contact the Spirit Walk ministry via

Meet the Spirit Walk team: Directors Sharon (left), Tom (aka The "Grin" Reaper), and Nancy.

Here's a photo of the 2003 Spirit Walk cast and crew.

To view a gallery of 2003 Spirit Walk photos, click here.

A footnote for Team alums...

And "Where's Waldo" fans. In the Spirit Walk gallery, how many familiar faces you can spot? Some Spirit Walk / Team alum faces to look for: Directors Nancy (#41 in the Team galleries), Tom (00), and Sharon (31), plus Olga (24), Mark (70), Vinny (11), Erica (10), and Greg (98). To say nothing of all those Team offspring! Hey, maybe we're not getting old after all. Like Pan & Wendy and those Toys R Us ads, the Spirit Walk reminds us "Whoever told you you have to grow up?!"

And, once again, Spirit Walk Directors Nancy (#41), Tom, and Sharon (#31), this time at the January 2004 Team reunion. Tom wonders why he's typecast as the Devil or Grim Reaper, except when he's playing Satan or a politician.