What's This ?

Welcome to Team Ministries, a truly unique Christian drama ministry. (People keep telling us we're really different ... I, uh, think that's a good thing.)

You probably stumbled onto our site because you Googled "Christian drama" or "drama ministry" on your web browser. I'd like to think you were specifically looking for us. Anyway, now that you're here, pull up a chair and settle in. You're about to encounter one of those "one-of-a-kind" ministries in the body of Christ, a drama team with a maximum of edge and a minimum of fluff.

Team Ministries first kicked off in 1976, and after 18 years on and some years away, was re-launched in late 2003. The goal of "The Team" is to minister by means of cutting edge drama to young people today. We address issues such as self-image, teen sex, drug use, peer pressure, family relations, and taking a stand for Christ.

Our newest production "Cheerleading is Har-r-d!" will be available for bookings in the northeastern U.S. in January 2006. For more information about our latest offering, our ninth original production since 1976, look for recent developments elsewhere on the site.

Right now, we're looking for people called to come to New England for a year* and minister through drama with us. The photo below portrays the typical reaction to our recruiting pitch.

* You can stay longer if you like us.

In the weeks and months ahead, I'll be updating our progress as we embark on our next Great Adventure in drama ministry. For now, please read on, enjoy the stories and photos, and be sure to return every couple weeks. The conductor is presently seating everyone. The train's leaving the station the first of the year, so buckle up for another wild ride. All aboard!

What Team Ministries is not: