2006 Team Ministries Reunion

Some "early birds" pose for an afternoon photo

Reunion photos are now available for viewing!! (click here)

The Team retires Kim's #38 jersey.

New Old Photos!!

From Batmen to Yes Men, Batgirls to Bad Girls, I took more than 4,000 photos of The Team between 1976 and 1993, filling 28 photo albums in the process. About 1,100 of these were scanned for the alumni section of the web site, and you've probably seen them. However, I did not have color correction software in 2003 when I did this. With the upcoming reunion as motivation, I recently went back and color corrected many of the photos, rescanned some at a higher resolution, and, best of all, added about 700 additional scans - photos of yourselves and your friends you haven't seen in years. I hope you enjoy them. (Go to Galleries Section)

Have You Seen Me?

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