Team Ministries Reunion

January 31, 2004

There are 141 photos of the 2004 Team Reunion and the Reunion Scrapbook in the galleries section.

(Left) Dave (1987-91) and Lucian (1989-93) reprise Hans and Franz; (right) Ray (1978-84) talks with Al (1980-83).

Thirteen Team members from the 1970's, teens now in their forties, joined with those from the '80's and '90's and a small army of offspring running around in their parents' Team jerseys,* for the first full-scale Team reunion in nearly fifteen years. 140 Team members and their families were in attendance.

* Isn't it strange how most of our Team jerseys shrunk while in storage?

It was a special joy to see old friends who shared long bus and van trips to places like Ontario, Ohio, New York, Wisconsin, and Alabama, not to mention countless visits to Maine and Vermont. Team alums flew in or drove from Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Georgia, and Arizona, though many are still local. Sherry also joined us by phone from Israel. About 140 were present, including family members.

(Left) Allerlei in mom's #44, which she wore for12 years (four stints between 1976 and 1992); (center) Nancy (#41) and Sharon (#31); (right) Mark (#91).

In addition, some Team members visited with Meg, and some "mini-reuned"* with Jen. Still others, unable to be physically present, sent along encouraging messages. The reunion event was intended to open the door for re-establishing relationships within a ministry family which has shared so much over the years, and after ten years in hibernation, is returning to active service. With a directory now available to alumni, many Team alums are presently reconnecting for dinner or coffee or by e-mail.

* This word may not appear in every dictionary.

Jen, 1988 and 2004

Karen and Jim, 1982 and 2004

A glance at the above photos suggests to me that we're looking pretty good, even after twenty years, a couple hundred kids, and a handful of shows and rehearsals ... Uh, did I get that right?

The "big hair" of the '80's may be dead, but Angie is alive and well, and living in the new Team. She re-entered Christian drama on reunion night, and will play Tonya in "Chain of Redemption," The Team's new one-act.

Angie, 1988 (age 15) and 2004 (in costume as the Prodigal for the reunion sketch).

The bottom line is that this was and is a group of ministry-minded Christian people who really like each other, who shared and continue to share a common mission, to take the gospel wherever God leads. Some of us are currently doing this with drama, including the new Team, others with music, many in pastoral and other church ministries, others by raising godly children, and even a few overseas on the missions field.

(Left) Matt (#68, 1976-79) and Mark (#91, 1978-83). (Center) Jen and Vinny? Not exactly. Ginny (wearing Jen's #17 jersey) and Tom (wearing Vinny's #11) spoof the older brother (aka "Jen") and the father (aka "Vinny") in "The Prodigal" sketch. (Right) Kyle and Jon.

A number of jerseys were retired at the reunion, our way of saying "thank you" to some of the people who served for many years. To view them all and read more about it, click here.

Vinny (#11) and Robin (right) say thank you to Danielle, and retire her number 1 in appreciation for her ministry with teens over the course of 130 Team shows between 1987 and 1992, in which she primarily played the Bad Girl, the girl who comes to Christ, and Kristen (in the "Julie" production). Highly respected by their fellow ministers, Danielle and ten others were recognized for their faithfulness. (see section 23)

Well, these are the photos I've seen so far. Hope you enjoyed them. A bunch more, 141 in all, are in the Reunion gallery (click here). Do you have any of your own to add? Send them in!

Ginny (#43) and company in the reunion parody sketch "The Prodigal."